My mission is to support clients in crafting their own personal style. 


My goal is to solve problems and simplify my clients lives.


If we feel good, we project confidence.


Virtually or in person review your closet, your expectations—then make an action plan.

What are your goals?


Shop together in person or virtually or I’ll gather items to present for an initial fitting.


What fits your life best?


Review and finalize wardrobe looks.

How does it all work together?


Now that we know each other, I'm ready for your next mission.

What's next?


​Personal Shopping / Home Organization/Gift Purchasing ($125/hour)

  • Special Event dressing (i.e. weddings, black tie, galas)

  • Travel wardrobe

  • Closet Audit

  • Corporate gifts

  • Personal gift giving

Let's build your personal package.

Example of a Standard Package:

Personal Style Edit , $600 

  • Closet Audit and Set Up
    (includes removal via donations, apx. 4hrs)

  • Consulting & Planning (apx. 1hrs)

  • Shopping (apx. 2hrs)


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